About Us

Our Vision

Our Mission

  • The Goan Overseas Association was established in 1971 to
  • Promote the social, cultural, welfare, education, spiritual and sporting aspirations of the community
  • Establish close links with mainstream organisations and with other associations both in Australia and overseas
  • Develop a wider appreciation of Goan culture and of the Goan community in Western Australia.

Our Values

  • Our Mission is guided by the following Values:
  • A respect for the diversity in the community and Australia
  • A concern for others and a commitment to ethical behaviour and social justice
  • A spirit of advancement of all members of the community in a modern social, economic and technological society.

Our Goals

  • We fulfil our Mission by
  • Promoting social, cultural, welfare, educational and sporting activities
  • Recognising excellence amongst our community
  • Contributing to mainstream events and other associations for the benefit of the wider community.


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